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Mental Fitness @ Work – how endurance training increases resilience

The number of people with busy work and life schedules entering endurance events that are beyond their current limits is on the rise. Why is this? These big, hairy, scary events are prompting people to take their training seriously and step up a level. The benefits of exercise are well known, but what is less well understood is why people take on these tasks AND how their physical training increases their mental resilience, making them better people at home and…

Mind Over Muscle – the new psychology of endurance

The way we train for endurance events is undergoing a revolution. New insights from experimental research spear headed by Dr. Samuele Marcora and other leading exercise physiologists has revealed how important the mind is in our performance. Marcora's psychobiological model opens up a new realm of methods that hone the body and the mind through conscious and sub-conscious brain techniques. Made accessible by Matt Fitzgerald, in his book How Bad Do You Want It?, the new psychology of endurance has…