We bring together the best of sports psychology and exercise physiology
to redefine your mental limits and performance.

No matter where you are, our online programmes are available across a range of devices and indoor trainers. Train at a PainCave? Then sign up for a MentalWorks programme hosted at your studio.

In association with the following training studios


We partner with training studios to augment our programmes with structured physiological coaching and in-studio MentalWorks sessions.

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Mind Over Muscle Philosophy

How much of your performance on the bike is mental versus physical?
New research shows that the mind regulates performance more than we realise!
Working on our mental focus and endurance can improve performance by 20%!

Our assumption has been that our legs fail when the intensity gets too much. It turns out that exhaustion (quitting, stopping, call it what you like) is actually a form of “task disengagement” not “task failure”. It’s not our legs that give up, but it’s our mind! Read more…

We offer ...

Level Programmes

The 8-week Foundations 1 programme establishes baseline brain endurance and competence in attentional focus methods for improving your performance. Start at any time and progress at your own pace.

Level 2 builds on the foundational methods and brain endurance sessions to increase mental resilience and attentional focus capabilities for next level performance.

Level 3 is an individualised programme that attains maximal competence and mental resilience for superior performance linked to a serious individual training plan.

Event Specific Programmes

  • 947 Telkom Challenge (26 Sept to 20 Nov 2016)
  • Desert Dash 370km (17 Oct to 9 Dec 2016)
  • Munga (Oct to Dec 2016)
  • 36one MTB Challenge (Feb to April 2017)
  • Sani2c 3-day stage (March to May 2017)
  • TransBaviaans (June to Aug 2017)

Our approach


I’ve always known how important positive thinking is in sport, but never realised there are specific techniques and tools that can be used in different situations and intensity zones. MentalWorks has taught me techniques to consciously train my brain to cope better on the bike. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to control their thought patterns and improve their performance. It all just makes sense – we train our bodies diligently and so we should train our brain just as hard because ultimately it’s the mind that will give you the edge. I’m looking forward to learning more in the next phase of the MentalWorks Programme.

Rene Schoeman – Desert Dash 369km 2015 Winner

MentalWorks has helped me become more focused on the bike, bringing my thoughts into a more positive and controlled space. Before the programme I would be all over the place mentally which often caused a negative impact on my ability in training or races. MentalWorks has also improved my ability to push past the lactate pain by using mental strategies that have improved my strength on the bike. I would definitely recommend it.

Jo-Anne Callaghan

Focussing on what you are thinking about on the bike is a new experience for me. My jumbled thoughts and scatter brained self motivation was helping me – sort of! The Mental Works programme allowed me to organise my mind so that I have a library of mental tools to draw on and helped me understand where they would be most beneficial. The Foundations Programme has already delivered on it’s promise to improve my performance in a training environment and has helped me prepare for success in my next big event. I’m looking forward to developing my mental resilience and learning how to sharpen my focus in the Intermediate Programme.

Becky Sands

The MentalWorks Foundations program showed me what an important role my mind is actually playing with regards to my physical performance on the bike – not just during, but it’s role before and after riding. I believe the program can begin to unlock your potential by asking the right questions and by exploring your thought processes. You find out very quickly how big a role your mind is actually playing. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone trying to take their performance to the next level.

Marc Feiertag

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