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Month: August 2016

Distinguishing between positive and negative pain

Doing what your body tells you to do, or telling your body what to do? An athlete I coach asked me a really important question: how we deal with pain in the context of the MentalWorks approach i.e. if the methods we’re training athlete’s in help block out the perception of pain, and redirect our focus away from it at times, how do we know when we should take action in response to certain pain and when to ignore it?…

Recovery is a mindset

I remember, during my first foray into structured training programme, how hard my first active recovery week was. It felt so aimless. Sure, after two long weeks of suffering I was so glad to finally take the foot off the accelerator and coast for some joyriding. But I found it so hard to ride so easy. The struggle was real and it had two parts. First, the legs just wanted to be pushing more watts. Second, my self-talk was all…

Avoiding brain fog in a race

Shortly after I entered my first ultra endurance race I asked my coach, Dion, how to avoid bonking (you know, that feeling of hitting the wall when your energy reserves run out!). His response did not soothe my soul. He said, “You cannot avoid the bonk. In fact, bonking in an Ultra event is guaranteed … a few times at least. The best you can do is accept it, keep pedalling, don’t fight it and you’ll recover”. The dreaded glycogen depletion…