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Month: August 2017

Preserve or Protect?

What kind of athlete are you? Do you look after yourself, not getting into any trouble, massaging the throttle carefully? Or do you push yourself to the limit, full gas … and sometimes beyond? Are you the trouble maker in a group? Or do you just try to hang on for when the attacks happen? Do you go at an even pace, keeping away from the red zone? Or do you go as fast and for as long as you…

Does it always have to feel this shit?

You know the feeling, right? It’s the way you feel in the second half of your half-marathon, or a few km’s out from home at the end of a long training ride. Everything is sore, but there’s something more: life just feels shit. Everything irritates you. You just want it to end. And you’ve experienced this more than once. Does endurance exercise and racing always have to feel this shit? I’m not sure it does. Without a doubt, endurance training…

MentalTip: beware fresh legs

Starting an A-race or event with fresh legs after a taper phase of training is essential, but it comes with a risk: you may be digging yourself a hole in the first hour and not realise it. Having the mental awareness of this is crucial to pace yourself optimally. So, why are fresh legs dangerous? The objective of a taper phase (typically two weeks before your event) is to allow your body enough time to adapt to the training stress…