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Category: mental fatigue

Mental fatigue: friend or enemy?

A recent study in PLOSone has shown that elite endurance athletes have a superior ability to resist mental fatigue. They could complete a mentally draining cognitive task far quicker and more accurately before a time trial compared to amateur athletes. The elite athletes then, once mentally fatigued, could smash out an identical TT time compared to when they weren’t fatigued. The amateurs? Well they performed *worse* after being mentally fatigued, pushing out 4.4% less power. So where does this leave…

Avoiding brain fog in a race

Shortly after I entered my first ultra endurance race I asked my coach, Dion, how to avoid bonking (you know, that feeling of hitting the wall when your energy reserves run out!). His response did not soothe my soul. He said, “You cannot avoid the bonk. In fact, bonking in an Ultra event is guaranteed … a few times at least. The best you can do is accept it, keep pedalling, don’t fight it and you’ll recover”. The dreaded glycogen depletion…