MentalWorks is offered as a month-to-month self-led programme that has three phases. Level 1 Foundations is an 8-week phase that establishes the building blocks for a resilient mental approach to your endurance performance goals. Level 2 adds another 8 weeks and deepens your mental framework with additional methods and skills. Level 3 then integrates these foundational skills with core training practices for optimal performance.

If you’re a cyclist or a runner, we have a programme for you.

Level 1: Foundations

The 8-week Foundations Phase gives you the building blocks for redefining your psychological limits. Designed for runners and remote cyclists who have access to an indoor trainer we provide you with a jam-packed Workbook, 13 instructional podcasts, and a set of custom indoor workouts to guide you through the four components of the MentalWorks Integrative Model:

We’ll help you understand your current mental DNA and how that applied to the way you train and race. These assessments will highlight where you are strong and where your mental cracks are.

High performers are consistent in the way that they apply a core set of habits in their training. Our goal-setting framework, performance reviews and race preparation checklists will foster winning habits.

Attentional Focus Methods

You’ll spend the bulk of your time learning and refining a set of mental skills (self-talk, imagery, mind wandering and chunking) that will improve the quality of your training and that you can deploy in race scenarios.

Brain Endurance Training

Resistance to mental fatigue is what will unlock your ability to apply your mental skills. So we put you on the indoor trainer with a series of custom workouts designed to make you more resistant to mental fatigue.

Through the course of 13 podcasts, 5 assessments, 7 techniques and various articles in Level 1 you’ll build mental toughness like you’ve never had before. You will be able to train harder than ever before and achieve breakthrough results in your next event.

Pricing: R800/US$60 per month

Level 2: Intermediate

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Level 3: Expert

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